Digital Product Designer
Shortlist mockup.jpg

A CMS product and a responsive web-based portal for Shortlist

Shortlist Assessment


Company Overview 

Shortlist, an employment-tech start-up looking to streamline early to mid-level hiring in India and East Africa, is a data-driven talent screening product that automates applicant vetting using online assessments.


Project Brief: 

The project was to design an in-house CMS product for creating ‘Assessments’. Also, a responsive web-based portal to let potential candidates prove their capacity. 

The project was completed in 16 weeks. 


Project Deliverables 

  • Mockup prototype of Web-based product for creating, managing and tracking assessments. 
  • A mobile based and desktop based Mockups for the potential candidates to attempt the assessment. 
  • A detailed documentation of the design systems including Stylesheet, Icons, and other UI elements.


DISCLAIMER: Actual project details and images cannot be shared due to Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please get in touch with me directly (click here) for more details.