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Interactive shopping experience of home appliances at Whirlpool retail space

Interactive Shopping Experience


The project is a part of the work done at Whirlpool

Project Brief

Design the next generation shopping experience through cutting-edge technology for Home Appliances consumers while they are looking to purchase their next home appliance in the retail space.


Design Process

Design Process.png

Primary Research

The objective of the research was to understand how an Indian consumer purchases a home appliance. A field study was conducted by visiting multi-brand stores and Whirlpool Brand-store. Further to understand consumer shopping journey in-depth, a long and extensive interview was conducted with consumers.

Research Question:

  • Do consumer purchases are planned or impluse?
  • Do they do any research about their purchase? If yes, How?
  • What factors are considered which led to a purchase?
  • What are consumer assumptions and biases?

Methods adopt:

  • Fly on the wall,
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Interviews

Secondary Research

Based on the problem finding and opportunity areas, a secondary research was done.

Secondary Research.png

Final Concept

The final Concept was an Interactive touch-based table in Whirlpool Brand-store and extended to a mobile app in consumers smartphone. The Concept address three key finding from the research (listed below)

Final Concept_2.png


An interactive installation was prototyped and mockups of a mobile app were made. For the same, a focus group usability study was conducted. Due to NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) guidelines, more details of the project cannot be disclosed.