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Intel Vemo - One Step Towards Well Being

A Tangible medium to share music to your loved ones

Vemo - One step towards Well being

A conceptual project for being calm at workplace 


The project is a part of work done at Intel.

The project was an exploratory project investigating opportunity area for helping an individual manage daily micro-stressors during their office time. The project followed a complete end-to-end Experience Design Process consisting of Precedent Study, User Research, Analysis, Concept and Design Development.


Secondary Research

Secondary Research_1.png

Primary Research

A study was conducted to understand the stress and the measures taken to manage stress. Research methods adopted for the study:

  • Fly on the wall
  • In-depth Interview


Excerpts from Interviews

“You are kind of stressed out all the time. you have ten things to do. at any given day i have at times two meetings. so that time is not productive for me. then you have to research, write code, test, showcase. you have things coming all the time. when you have things to do you feel stressed.”
– Participant
“Whenever i am feeling too overwhelming, i get out and go for a walk in the backyard.”
– Participant
Primary Research_1.png
Due to NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) guidelines, more details of the project cannot be disclosed.
 Breath Pacer Animation

Breath Pacer Animation

 Application Interface

Application Interface