Digital Product Designer

Mobile apps for specific Industries for GoodBox consumers (seller and customer)

GoodBox App

good box.png

Company Overview 

Goodbox is a platform that provides small businesses with an online presence, helping them connect with their customers through the app.


Project Brief: 

The project was to conceptualize and design mobile apps for specific industries on both customer and seller front. 

The project was completed in 12 weeks.


Project Deliverables 

  • Customer journey maps and Information Architecture for Apparel and Gifts industry. 
  • Detailed mockups of iOS and Android app for both customer and seller front.
  • A detailed documentation of the design systems including Stylesheet, Icons, and other UI elements.


DISCLAIMER: Actual project details and images cannot be shared due to Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please get in touch with me directly (click here) for more details.