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Re-design of the Signup process for Floh

Floh - Signup Process Redesign


Floh is a curated community of single people in India. To enter Floh, one has to take up membership for a particular period of time.


Old Process

In the process (explained below), a massive dropout rate was observed (around 60%) at step 3 (filling the form). The objective of the project was to reduce the drop rate and to reduce the time taken for an individual to become a member.

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Design Process

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A usability test was conducted to understand the problem and observations were noted.

Decisions were taken to eliminate the long form and incorporate IVR (Interactive voice response) call in the process. This way the user feels more comfortable telling information rather than typing word by word. This also helped the operational team in speeding up the process as IVR call contains more detail information.

The time taken was reduced to 24 hours with the new process from 72 hours.
Sign Up Flow Process_NEW_2.jpg

The process required a new interface for both the platforms – Desktop and Mobile.

App Screen Front View MockUp.jpg

The Result of the new process and interfaces have a remarkable rise in people’s sign-ups.

The drop rate reduced to less than 10%. Appreciation was received for IVR calls and people were successfully completing the calls in 4-6 minutes.

This project is now live and you can view it at