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A mobile app for connecting and interacting with Floh community

A Tangible medium to share music to your loved ones

Floh Mobile App


Floh is a private, member-only network that connects singles in real life. Floh helps singles to meet each other at interesting and fun events. The mobile application accelerates the interaction of member with each other.

Three key approaches were identified, which later became the primary modes of the apps.

  • Discover – showcasing member’s profiles
  • Events – meeting Floh members face to face
  • Messages – conversation with other Floh members

The mobile app was designed for floh members focusing on the experience of exploring members, discovering common interest, sharing conversation and meeting face to face in Floh events.

floh mobile app 1.png

The project involves conceptualising a mobile app, developing mockup and UI elements. The app was design for iOS and Android platform. Apps are now live.

iOS App
Android App